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The Konnice Electric website is a project I developed from scratch for an international electric company that operates in 15 countries worldwide. As part of the project, I incorporated a range of features to make the website user-friendly and accessible across multiple platforms.

One of the primary features of the website is its multi-language functionality, with content available in both English and Arabic. This ensures that the website can be accessed by users from different parts of the world, regardless of their native language.

Another key feature of the Konnice Electric website is its responsiveness to all screens. Whether users are accessing the website from a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device, they can expect an optimized browsing experience that is tailored to their specific device.

In addition to its functionality, the website also includes a comprehensive product catalog with over 2044 products listed in both English and Arabic. This ensures that users can easily find and access the products they need, regardless of their language or location.